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Trail trips

Why to go with Lost Goats?

1. Quality time in mountains - spend lots of time on trails, take it easy, stop and contemplate the view, have some fika.
2. Flexible to fit all runners needs - 2 distance group and solo A-to-B option

3. Adventure - we allow it to happen every time there is opportunity

4. Simplicity and low cost - to make is affordable for the many runner
5. Relaxed and laid-back - no tight schedules. We adjust to situation and needs.
6. Connect with others - great opportunity to meet like-minded people

7. Low carbon footprint - we promote local travels with efficient transportation means, preferably train.

Terms & Conditions

1. Sign-up fee as well as full payment for the trip is not refundable. It is fine to change the name of the participant anytime before the trip. 2. Lost Goats AB will make efforts to ensure safety of each participant during the entire trip. However participants of the trip are traveling and running at their own risk. Lost Goats AB are not liable for any injuries and accidents that may occur during the trip. It is the responsibility of each participant to make sure that they have the appropriate insurance to travel and run in mountains. 3. Lost Goats reserve the right to cancel the trip (e.g. not enough participants, unforeseen external factors) If this is the case participants will be refunded 100% of their payment. Participants do not hold any right to any further compensation for a canceled trip. Things can happen and we will try our best to accommodate any unforeseen changes. Lost goats reserve the right to change the itinerary if we see that we cannot perform the trip in a safe way.

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